eXLEpse – XLE Plugin for Eclipse Platform

The eXLEpse plugin for the Eclipse platform was presented officially on July 16th – 19th, 2011 at the 16th International Lexical Functional Grammar Conference (LFG2011) at the University of Hong Kong. The eXLEpse plugin is developed cooperatively by the Human-Computer Interaction Group (Roman Rädle and Michael Zöllner) and the Department of Linguistics (Sebastian Sulger), both located at the University of Konstanz. Since the eXLEpse plugin is open-source, you can try it out, give feedback or contribute to the project in various ways such as code contribution, sponsoring, or donation.

You can download a bundled package using direct download links below (Download eXLEpse files). Each bundle consists of a ready to go Eclipse Platform and starts with the eXLEpse perspective as the default perspective.


Download eXLEpse 1.0.4 for Mac OS X with Retina Display support.


Download eXLEpse 1.0.3 for Windows 7 / 8+.


Download eXLEpse 1.0.3 for Linux.

See below to get in contact with us. If you use eXLEpse in your XLE related work, and if you like working with it, we would appreciate it if you could cite the following paper in your work: